Future Friend: The new Bestselling Baddiel Blockbuster children's book in 2020

Future Friend: The new Bestselling Baddiel Blockbuster children’s book in 2020

Future Friend: The new Bestselling Baddiel Blockbuster children's book in 2020 1
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From million-copy bestselling author David Baddiel comes a laugh-out-loud and inspiring new adventure for all readers of 8 and up that is ahead of its time – 1,001 years ahead, to be precise…

The year is 3020.

Pip@256X#YY.3_7 is lonely and bored: she goes to virtual school on her G-Glasses, she only has a talking cat and parrot to hang out with, and she can’t even leave her LivingSpace due to the extreme heat and floods outside.

Until the day that Pip explores a glowing ring in a lab and finds herself in a warehouse, in 2019.

Where she meets boy-inventor Rahul – who is also lonely and bored.

Together, Rahul and Pip are no longer lonely. But they have a whole load of new problems, including hiding talking animals from Rahul’s parents, and finding a way back to the future.

Plus – just maybe – saving the world…

Future Friend is a terrifically entertaining time-slip adventure that combines action, laugh-out-loud humour and the importance of friendship, in a story that asks the question – what would happen if your best friend came from the future?

From the Publisher

future friendfuture friend

Get ready for another Baddiel Blockbuster!

Pip is lonely in the year 3020. Rahul is lonely in the year 2019. When Pip steps into a glowing green portal and find herself hurled backwards in time, they join forces to get back to the future

From the winner of the WHSmith Children’s Book of the Year 2018 comes a hugely entertaining adventure about finding friends in the most unlikely places!

Technology in 3020!

Everyone lives in a HouseUnit

Pip wears G-Glasses to attend school…

…which is called the Learning Matrix

Pip dresses in an ImageSuit

…and travels using her GravityLess Boots!

david baddiel

david baddiel

david baddiel

david baddiel

the parent controller

the parent controller

Jump on board a futuristic adventure…

From the bestselling children’s author…

In a blockbuster that’s ahead of its time!

future friendfuture friend

Wishes come true!

Packed with adventure!

Jokes galore!

Epic illustrations!

Pure entertainment!

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