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moodbeam One: Mood logging wearable, digital diary, wellbeing aid, steps and sleep tracker

moodbeam One: Mood logging wearable, digital diary, wellbeing aid, steps and sleep tracker

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Product Description

Introducing Moodbeam One

Moodbeam One’s wearable and companion app lets you capture the highs and lows of your day.

This self reporting tool includes two mood buttons, a journal log and daily mindfulness prompts to give those closest to you a heads up if you’re feeling unhappy, but also stimulates happy conversations too, as you’re also able to share your mood diary from afar.

A wellbeing wearable for today’s world as nearly 30%* of the population experience self doubt, anxiety, sadness and anger on a daily basis.

Introducing moodbeam frontcoverIntroducing moodbeam frontcover

How does it work large, moodbeamHow does it work large, moodbeam

How does it work?

The wearer presses one of two buttons to denote whether they’re feeling positive (yellow) or negative (blue).

These are time stamped and stored in the device until it’s paired with either a phone or tablet, where it is automatically downloaded to a companion app that visualises each button press.

Who is it for, moodbeamWho is it for, moodbeam

Who is it for?

In general use, it’s for anyone who wants to log those moments that impact on their day. What makes a good day good or a difficult day challenging?

Moodbeam One

A wrist worn device that allows users to log a change in mood, either positive or negative, with a simple button press. A simple concept, it encourages users to self monitor their moods, aiding fruitful discussions with a loved one or someone whose job it is to support them with their emotions.

Unboxing your Moodbeam One

Inside the box you’ll find the Moodbeam module, two wristbands (sm & reg) and your start guide.

Begin by reading through the start guide and charging the module. The module can be charged using any powered USB-A port or plug. It can be fully charged in one hour and has a battery life up to five days.

Once the module is charged insert it into the wristband. A small indicator on the underside of the band shows you the correct way to insert. You’re now ready to connect your Moodbeam One to the app!

Basic Features

On your wearable, you’ll see two buttons, one yellow and one blue. These indicate your mood and should be pressed whenever you’re feeling positive or negative. The data collected by the wearable is then transmitted to the Moodbeam app via Bluetooth and correlated in a number of indicative graphs.

Your device can be programmed to deliver mood prompts, reminding you to keep track of how you feel.

Sleep and steps are also stored in the device, helping you to adjust these aspects of your life.

Introducing Dr. Bruce Charlesworth

Bruce is a non-exec Director, serving as Chief Medical Officer here at Moodbeam. He qualified in medicine in 1996 and subsequently trained in anaesthetics and intensive care.

After spending 5 years in clinical practice he moved into the healthcare product industry where he helped develop and launch an array of pharmaceuticals across a range of indications such as pain, anxiety and headache.

For the past 5 years Bruce has been a senior exec at RB, a leading health and consumer goods company.

The App

Available for both IOS and Android, the Moodbeam App is the perfect partner to visualise and understand more about your mood.

See your highs and lows, explore patterns and trends throughout the day, week, month or year, add notes, compare sleep and activity against mood, set mood prompts, or choose to share your mood profile with those that matter, all in one place.

The App, MoodbeamThe App, Moodbeam

Moodbeam homescreen appMoodbeam homescreen app


Log and see your moods instantly with button presses displayed in real time.

Daily Log moodbeam appDaily Log moodbeam app

Daily log

Your daily mood logs are diarised in four quadrants or ‘donuts’ with calculated button presses.

Profile Sharing Moodbeam appProfile Sharing Moodbeam app

Profile sharing

Share how you are feeling privately with others with profile linking.

Moodbeam moments appMoodbeam moments app


See your mood moments over a period of days, weeks, months alongside sleep and activity.

Trends moodbeam appTrends moodbeam app


Our ‘at a glance companion’ app allows you to very quickly pick up on trends and recurring presses.

Journal moodbeam appJournal moodbeam app


You’re able to add journal entries against button presses to bring context to your day.

mood prompts moodbeam appmood prompts moodbeam app

Mood prompts

Set times for when Moodbeam will prompt you to log how you feel.

sleep steps logger tracker moodbeam appsleep steps logger tracker moodbeam app

Sleep & Step Tracker

Learn more about how your sleeping patterns affect mood.

Keep track of how many steps you do each day.

About the Startup

Christina Mchugh moodbeam cover pictureChristina Mchugh moodbeam cover picture

Christina McHugh


jonathan elvidge moodbeam cover picturejonathan elvidge moodbeam cover picture

Jonathan Elvidge


Describe your products in 3 words?

Mood Logging Wearable

“How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Inspired by a seven-year-old girl struggling to deal with a tough situation at school, her mum, our co-founder Christina, was left wondering what it would be like to know how her daughter was feeling when she wasn’t with her. She knew that this was a situation not unique to her, but shared by thousands of other parents.

After finding nothing existed to help her maintain a connection with her daughter, Christina decided to create something. What she really wanted was to enable her daughter to log how she felt and capture it somehow so they could talk about it when their day allowed. Usually at bedtime.

A working journalist, Christina had no idea how to go about creating anything tech based. It was whilst talking her idea through with Jonathan that Christina quickly realised she had met the person who would help carry her idea forward. That day Moodbeam was born.

Since then, they have worked tirelessly to evolve the idea, trialling its concept, gaining insights and surrounding themselves with people with purpose in the form of Guy, John, Heather and Bruce, who together make up Moodbeam.

What makes your product special?

Moodbeam is the only mood logging wearable that honestly informs someone how their moods have been because it relies on self-reporting, not biometrics.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Since day one, the team have experienced a huge acceptance for Moodbeam. Their many skills have allowed their concept to flourish and become reality, but what has also become apparent is that the world needs Moodbeam now more than ever. Wellbeing and the opportunity to speak up and say how you’re feeling, whether that’s at work or play is essential if we’re to get conversations started that are meaningful.

Mood Prompts: Set times for when your Moodbeam One will prompt you to log how you feel at that moment.
Sleep and step tracker: Learn more about how your sleeping patterns affect your mood. You can also keep track of how many steps you do each day.
Mood sharing: Share your mood with friends or family, so they can see can how you’ve been feeling from afar.
Box Contains: 1 Moodbeam Module, 1 S/M, 1 M/L Wristband and 1 Quick Start Guide.

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